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The use of short links is a necessity for anyone involved in marketing and sharing links. The short url is not a simple link to a web page or website, but represents an access point full of information from your customers or followers. A short link allows you to understand who your customers are and how they behave.

Customer Behaviour Analysis.

Analyze the behavior of your customers and optimize your pages or your email & social marketing actions. Short link = Great Resources

Track & Optimize.

Easily share your short links in any social network and collect statistical data to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns. Target your customer base.

Increase Conversion Rate Perfect for Sharing & Marketing

Analyzing your customers will help you increase sales and maximize the conversion rate. tracks anything and is ideal both for marketing actions (with and without splah page) and for personal sharing of links (also with password protection).

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1 click = 1000 user information Advanced Marketing Tools allows you to better understand the behavior of your users or customers, and offer them a better browsing experience thanks to intelligent re-targeting. You will have all the tools to do these advanced marketing actions.

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By registering with you will have access to a powerful control panel where you can manage all your short links, create splash pages, change the destination of the links, add filters, set security passwords, view statistics of all kinds and much more.

Customers Analysis

Customers Analysis

Analyze your users location and device and redirect them to personalized pages to increase conversions rate.

Perfect Landing Page

Create professional landing pages for each short link in order to better promote your product or service and optimize your marketing campaign.


With the overlay tool you can manage notifications on the target website. This is a great way to send a message to your customers or make a good promotional campaign.

Pixel Tracking

Add the custom pixel provided by Facebook, Twitter and monitor any event in more detail (when it occurs)

Reserved Alias

As a registered user on you can choose an alias to use for your short links (from our list of reserved aliases).

Powerful API

Use our robust API to create your custom applications or extend your own services with our powerful tools.


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